Harley-Davidson FXFBS FAT BOB 114 | Bike of the week

This week’s pick form the Visordown Marketplace is a hefty chunk of Milwaukee iron that can still hustle if needed

Harley-Davidson FXFBS FAT BOB 114 | Bike of the week

HARLEY-DAVIDSON – Once upon a time those words conjured up pictures of slow, air-cooled bikes with leather tassels hanging from the saddle.

Well, they kind of still do, but H-D is doing a lot to try and shake that old image that people have of the bikes. Because the H-D needs new blood, and fast.

Hence bike like the Fat Bob, it’s a hefty dollop of old school American cruiser, with a smattering of modern-day touches, yet still has just enough of that Harley charm you want.

I had the pleasure of spending a few weeks with ‘Bob’ last year and was genuinely surprised by how good it was to ride. The suspension works, it’s not choppy, potholes don’t fracture your spine and the riding position is surprisingly comfortable.

Moving onto the brakes, again, nothing spectacular but better than I was expecting. You can’t haul the thing on its nose like a 170kg sportsbike, because this is not a 170kg sports bike – the engine and transmission probably weigh that alone!

This Fast Bob is being sold Riders of Bridgewater, brand new with just seven miles on the clock. From browsing the pics, the exhaust looks to be aftermarket – Vance and Hines most likely – which is a good sign, it means the stage one tune – which happens to all H-Ds if owners were honest – has probably already been done. It also means this Harley will sound like a Harley, which sadly the standard bike on standard cans does not.

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