Is the Suzuki Recursion nearing completion?

New patent drawings suggest the chassis has changed from a twin-spar to a double cradle

Suzuki Recursion Concept

SUZUKI’S RECURSION concept is almost gaining urban legend status since it was first teased at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

In fact, I don’t think a year has gone by without a new myth involving the bike surfacing somewhere on the interwebs. And 2019 is going to be no different, as new patent drawings seem to point to a change in the frame and engine mounting layout of the never-seen machine.

Previous patent drawings have always shown the bike to have the engine mounted in the frame as a stressed member, using the down tube from the headstock to the swingarm pivot as a backbone that bolts onto the head and back of the crankcase – as shown above.

The new patents - seen below - seem to suggest that the factory has opted for a much more reserved (and old school) method of mounting the motor in the frame, by opting for what looks like a conventional twin-cradle setup.

Now, you should always take a patent drawing with a pinch of salt but, when a factory is so open in their desire to put a concept into production as they have with the Recursion, you’d have to think these are genuine updates we should see on the bike.

One thing the patents don’t tell us is how far off the finished bike is, we could see a near-production version getting unveiled at one of the bigger European or Japanese motorcycle shows later this year – but then again, we might have to wait till EICMA the year after!

One thing we do now: After all this teasing – this bike better be bloody good!