Icon motorcycles revive the Triton!

The iconic combination of Triumph engine and Norton frame is once again being built by custom motorcycle shop icon Motorcycles

Icon Motorcycles Triton

FOR riders of a certain age, the name Triton brings back memories of bikes built in a time when literally anything went. Do you want a Triumph engine in your Norton? No problem. BSA engine in a Triumph chassis? Why not!

Sadly for us, those days have kind of elapsed, as the age of British built engines and frames being swapped from one manufacturer to another is pretty slim – not helped by there only being about three full-time, serious manufacturers out there!

Well sad face begone, as Icon motorcycles have picked up the baton and are once again creating classic machines like on the, errr Dutch can!

The Icon is the result of work from Netherlands based Icon Motorcycles and is a nod to the café racer heyday that spawned bikes like the Triton, Tribsa, and Norvin.

The bike, I’m sure they’ll build more once the demand picks up – and it will, is based around a custom-built frame with a Triumph 900cc parallel twin-cylinder engine mounted neatly between the featherbed-esque frame.

The bike is finished with a stunning looking aluminium fuel tank, diamond-stitched leather seat, Hagon rear shocks and a lovely sounding (we are willing to bet), low-level, custom-built exhaust system.

The firm hasn’t divulged a price for this piece of retro loveliness, sadly for us, it’s probably a case of, if you have to ask, it’s probably out of your price range!

If a modern-day Triton is in your ballpark though, drop the guys at Icon Motorcycles a line, their website is below.


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