Harley-Davidson channels its historic board racers with Serial 1 e-bike

Harley-Davidson has launched its Serial 1 a modern-day e-bike inspired by the H-D board racers of yesteryear

Harley-Davidson Serial

HARLEY-DAVIDSON is wading into the electric-assisted bicycle market after announcing the Serial 1, a premium e-bike with a classic touch. And it’s not just a new bike they are launching – it’s a whole new brand!

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The Serial 1 has styling that is immediately reminiscent of the Harley-Davidson board-racers that helped to catapult H-D into the post-war public’s attention. From a distance its classic lines and white tyres almost make it look like you're gazing at a classic motorcycle on the screen. It’s only as you look closer that you see the hydraulic disc brakes and electrical systems nestling within the frame.

Keeping the look of the bike authentic is the extensive use of nickel plating, with the handlebars, chain wheels, levers, and crank all getting a layer of retro-looking nickel.

Specs regarding the Serial 1 are as yet unknown, although there is a countdown timer on the firm’s website that seems to point to more information landing in eleven days.

Harley and the new Serial 1 brand will be diving feet-first into a highly lucrative and competitive pedal-assist bicycle market, with sales of the machines going through the roof thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. And they won’t be the only automotive manufacturer looking to steal a march. BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Ford are just a few of the four-wheeled makers currently touring e-bikes. From the world of two-wheels, Ducati, KTM, and Yamaha all have electric bikes in one form or another – although they are nowhere near as pretty as this latest offering from Harley.

Harley-Davidson Serial 1 reveal video

For more information, head to: serial1.com