New Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary models announced

To help extinguish the candles on a very big cake the Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary models have been announced


THE range of Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary models covers seven updated bikes, featuring special paint, high-spec detailing and finishes.

There are very few global motorcycle manufacturers that can hold a candle to Harley’s 120-year reign as one of planet earth’s biggest, and best-known motorcycle manufacturers. Love them, or loathe them, the bikes that Harley-Davidson produces transcend being mere forms of transport, and have worked their way into pop culture, and are seen as part of the very fabric of life in the USA and beyond.

This article will give you a more in-depth look at the new 120th Anniversary bikes, you can check out this article for a rundown of all the new 2023 Harley-Davidson model updates so far.

New Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary models announced

To help celebrate this significant milestone, Harley has announced a special range of limited-edition bikes, each featuring special paint and extra details that Harley lead stylist, Brad Richards, called easter eggs, dotted around each bike and waiting to be found by the new owner.

Each bike is all about the statement, so it’s the paint and special finishes that are given the 120th Anniversary treatment. Each of the models is technically the same as the highest-spec machine in the standard range of bikes.

For the paint of all the new anniversary models, Harley picked out a colour called Heirloom Red, going on to finish the bikes with a bright red pinstripe and a hand-applied gold paint scallop. For the CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary, the Heirloom Red is applied over a basecoat of Anniversary Black, something that gives the bike a deeper, more complex look. The rest of the bikes in the range are painted using a base coat of Midnight Crimson.

CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary

Probably the most eye-catching machine in the new New Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary models announced is the CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary. On a teams call with Harley’s top brass last week, Richards spoke a little more about these easter eggs hidden around the bike, and on this bike, they are probably the easiest to spot.

Starting at the front. You can’t really see it in the wide-angle pictures, but the front fairing of the new Road Glide Limited Anniversary bears an eagle motif on both sides, and as your eye tracks backward, the eagle’s wings can be seen continuing through the fuel tank and side panel cover, ending on the touring saddlebags at the rear.

Easily denoting this as a bike from the anniversary range, the tank medallion is a gold-plated item and depicts an eagle behind the H-D shield motif, an art deco nod to Harley’s past. Each of the bikes in the new limited range features this same, easily spotted tank badge.

Further trinkets on the bike include items like the Derby, air filter, and transmission covers, which are all finished in a similar gold colour to the rest of the bike’s trim. The rocker boxes and pushrod tube collars of all the bikes in the range are finished in bright red.

Adding to the bike's special feel, the CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary is also the only bike in the range that gains a special seat, with Harley utilising Alcantara for the lining and then accenting it with gold and red contrast stitching accents. The rest of the bikes utilise leather and oxblood seat covers, crowned with embroidered Harley-Davidson logos.

The number of bikes produced for each of the new H-D anniversary bikes varies by model, as does the price. See below for a full rundown of the production numbers and prices for each.

More information can be found on the official H-D website.

Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary Models price and production numbers (SRP £)

CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary model is £50,395 | 1,500 models

Ultra Limited Anniversary – £35,495 | 1,300 models

Tri Glide Ultra Anniversary – £51,495 | 1,100 models

Street Glide Special Anniversary – £32,995 | 1,600 models

Road Glide Special Anniversary – £32,995 | 1,600 models

Fat Boy 114 Anniversary – £27,895 | 3,000 models

Heritage Classic 114 Anniversary – £28,295 | 1,700 models

120th Anniversary Apparel Collection

Additionally, Harley-Davidson has announced a 120th anniversary apparel collection, covering of course both men & women and featuring a range of items from caps to t-shirts, and coveralls to helmets. Furthermore, there are sweatshirts, longsleeves, vests, hoodies, flannels and riding shirts. Check out the collection at

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