Full carbon fibre Brough Superior Lawrence Dagger unveiled

A full carbon, Euro 5 Brough Superior has been announced, as the Lawrence Dagger is officially revealed


A full carbon fibre version of the modern-day SS100 has been unveiled, in the form of the Brough Superior Lawrence Dagger, a thoroughly modern motorcycle bike from the Anglo-French brand.

The new machine is special in a few ways, firstly as it’s a Brough, and pretty much everything that rolls out of the factory there could be called ‘special’ for one reason or another. But it is also graced with full carbon bodywork – even the fuel tank – and sits on 18-inch wheels, something Brough is claiming is a first for the brand. Finally, it’s the first Brough Superior model to be powered by a fully compliant, clean-burning, Euro5 engine.

Heralded as the sportiest Brough Superior model to date, the new Lawrence Dagger cuts a sporty and aggressive stance, mainly thanks to the addition of those 18-inch wheels, with the swept-back, semi-clip-on bars adding to the athletic silhouette. The new bars give the bike a more focused riding position, placing more of their weight over the front end of the bike.

Brough Superior Lawrence Dagger chassis details

The chassis retains Brough's complex Fior-type cast aluminium fork system, and a horizontally-mounted rear shock keeps things in check at the rear. The engine of the bike seems to be producing similar power and torque numbers as the previous swathe of retros to roll out of the French factory. That means you have 100bhp on tap and a chunky 61lb-ft of torque to play with.

A price for the Brough Superior Lawrence Dagger is yet to be confirmed, although like the Brough-built Aston Martin AMB 001 we wrote about yesterday, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it! What we do know is that the stock Lawrence from Brough will land in your garage around £58,000, making this carbon edition one seriously expensive Sunday cruiser.

More information on the Brough Superior Lawrence Dagger can be found here.