First tuned 2012 ZZR1400

Our last ZZR story for a while. We promise!

IT was bound to happen but we didn't expect it quite this soon – a slammed, stretched, bejewelled ZZR1400.

Florida-based Roaring Toyz (why is there always a 'z' instead of an 's' when this type of bike is concerned?) was given a pre-production ZZR1400, or rather a US spec ZX-14R, and told to create something special in time for the bike's official launch.

The result has pretty much all the stuff you'd expect on this sort of special; Performance Machine wheels, a single-sided swingarm, uber-wide rear tyre, chrome this, metalflake that and billet the other.

Obviously, give it a few months and this is going to look tame compared to the inevitable turbocharged, nitrous-injected drag strip refugees that every tuning firm and their dog are sure to be making out of the new ZZR. But it's still the first, so here it is.

For all the gory details, check out the Roaring Toyz blog: