ZZR1400. 'Only' 197bhp

Official power figure revealed

Kawasaki's 2012 ZZR1400 makes 'only' 197bhp according to the firm's official figures, which were not included in the extensive press information but have since been published on the company's own website.

The actual numbers are 197bhp (200PS) at 10,000rpm and 120lbft of torque at 7500rpm. Of course, that's a lot, but it's only 10bhp up on the outgoing version of the bike, and rather at odds with the power graphs released in the firm's press information, which seemed to show a much larger percentage increase.

Add in the ram air effect at speed, and Kawasaki claims the bike will breach the 200bhp mark, hitting 207bhp.

The power figures are identical to those for the ZX-10R – 197bhp without ram air and 207bhp with it – although the bigger bike's torque is rather higher.

Are manufacturers really just a bit shy to be the first to make a real 200bhp-plus production bike?