First Look: Six Monkeys Triumph Daytona 1050

Wacky German builders create a big-bore brother to the Daytona 675

TAKE A Triumph Daytona 675 as a concept and with the help of Six Monkeys add a 139bhp 1050cc engine.

Sounds bizarre, we know, but German company Six Monkeys have done just that by turning a Speed Triple 1050 into a big brother to the Daytona 675.

Six Monkey's have modified the bike's fuel-injection software and the airbox, to give a power output of 139bhp at 9,100rpm and 116Nm of torque at 7,600 revs, so it's not just a Speed Triple with clip-ons, there's added power there too.

Carbonfibre bodywork, suspension components and steering damper from Wilbers, Dunlop Qualifier RR tyres and BOS exhaust system, all give the bike a pretty sweet look, we love it!

What do you think, should Triumph build this bike?