First Look: Rockstar Suzuki Hayabusa special

How good does this look compared to a standard 'Busa? We love it!

Check the GSX-R1000 back end - well tasty

Rockstar Busa ... hides its size well

Slash-cut exhaust looks the business

WE LIKE specials at - so when we came across this 2008 GSX1300R Hayabusa while perusing the 'net we thought you might fancy a look.

The machine's built by Gregg Desjardins of Greggs Customs and Jon Reed of Sport Chrome. Both men were commissioned to build three bikes for Suzuki in 2008. This is number one.

The "Rockstar Busa" is equipped with a 190 rear wheel setup on a single sided swingarm, custom paint by Matt Polosky, the tail section and front fender from a 2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000, a Roaring Toyz exhaust and a whole load more.