FB Mondial Spartan 125 readying for release this year

FB Mondial is launching a new 125cc model this year, in the shape of the Spartan 125, which uses the same engine found in other bikes of the Italian brand.

FB Mondial Spartan 125

FB Mondial has announced a new model for 2023, with the Spartan 125 joining its roster for the new year. 

The FB Mondial name stretches back almost 100 years to 1929 when the company was founded. Its most famous period begins in 1949 and ends in 1957, between which years it found particular success in the lower categories of Grand Prix motorcycle racing.

FB Mondial’s modern incarnation has little to do, directly, with the original manufacturer, but since 2015 it has established itself as a manufacturer of neo-retro motorcycles, most popularly with its HPS 125 and HPS 300 models. 

In 2021, it added a 125cc scooter, the Imola 125, to its range, and now another 125cc motorcycle is on the way in the form of the Spartan 125.

The engine found in the Spartan is the same as that found in the HPS 125 - an air-cooled single-cylinder unit delivering 11.56 horsepower and 9.5Nm.

Additionally, a 15-litre fuel tank should ensure a decent range, and with those 15 litres filled the bike will weigh 125kg. There is also the possibility to add to that since the Spartan has space for a passenger.

Stopping those 125kg is a 298mm front disc with a three-piston radial calliper, and a single-piston rear calliper operating on a 210mm rear disc. The rider’s inputs on the brakes will be assisted by CBS.

Elsewhere on the chassis, we find 37mm USD front forks and two 64mm rear shock absorbers connecting the 17-inch wheels to the double-cradle-style steel tubular frame. 

Seat height on the Spartan 125 is set at 800mm, and 1,350mm accounts for the bike’s wheelbase.

Moto.it reports the price for the FB Mondial Spartan 125 will be €2,990, which equates to around £2,700 at time of writing (February 2023).

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