Eysing PF40 brings classic Italian design to electric commuters

The Eysing PF40 is the marriage of Dutch craftmanship and Italian design, and while the performance is modest the price is anything but.

Eysing PF40. - Eysing

A new electric bike from the Dutch manufacturer Eysing brings classic Italian styling to the expanding sector of e-mobility.

E-mobility is a curious term because it is one that could be applied to essentially any vehicle powered by electricity, but it generally only brought up by manufacturers building low-powered commuter vehicles designed for ergonomy in urban environments. 

To make another generalisation, these ‘e-mobility’ vehicles tend to look fairly indistinct. The Yamaha NEO’s, for example, is not exactly an ugly bike, but there is also nothing especially interesting about how it looks, nothing that sets its visual apart from other scooters. 

Eysing, a Dutch manufacturer, has tried to avoid such generalisable visuals with its latest creation, the PF40. 

The name of the bike gives away the identity of the design company employed by Eysing to create its look. Pininfarina is a legend of the Italian automotive world having worked with the likes of Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, among others. 

For Eysing, Pininfarina has created an electric commuter motorcycle that looks like a mix of a mid-20th century motorcycle and a bicycle from the same period, thanks to its large-diameter 26-inch wheels, super-low-profile tyres, round single headlamp and flat seat. 

It is Maeving RM1-esque in its historical design inspiration, but at the same time the two are entirely distinguishable. 

One of the particular curiosities about the PF40 is that the centre of the bike is entirely open, with the ‘tank’ being separated from the low-slung battery by a whole load of fresh air, while the motor is positioned in the rear wheel hub.

Compared to something like the Davinci DC100 that we wrote about a few weeks ago, the PF40 is certainly more pleasing to the eye.

Technically speaking, the Eysing PF40’s design intent is clear from the start. Two top speeds are available from two different power output options. 4kW will power the PF40 to a top speed of 45kph (28mph), while 2kW will take it to a top speed of 25kph (15.5mph), while the bike is good for 100km, or 62 miles, according to Eysing. Charging times vary between four hours (standard charger) and eight hours (fast charger).

The bike is also light, with a kerb weight of 60kg, and able to carry up to 110kg of extra weight.

Braking is done via drums, which very much keeps with the classic theme of course, at both the front and rear, but there is no rear foot brake lever, since the rear brake lever is in-place of the clutch lever on the left handlebar. 

Moto.it reports a price of €13,780, or around £12,000 at time of writing (December 2022), making clear the exclusivity of the model.

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