Ducati teases at least seven new motorcycle launches... but what will they be?

The 2022 Ducati World Premiere web series will comprise at least seven launches from seven episodes between September and November... 

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Ducati has announced the return of its Ducati World Premiere web series for 2022 with confirmation it is preparing at least seven new models to be revealed by the end of the year.

An evolution of its Ducati World Premiere live show, which saw the Italian firm roll out its updated range in the days leading up to the EICMA show in Milan, the web series was launched in lieu of a public event during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hailed a success in terms of audience engagement and reach, Ducati extended the format in 2021, even going as far as to turn down a return to EICMA despite being regarded as one of the event’s primary attractions.

However, the Borgo Panigale firm - which just celebrated its annual World Ducati Week festival - is going all out for 2022 with an appearance at EICMA and an extension of its World Premiere web series.

Though Ducati - which used the format to unveil the DesertX, Multistrada V2 and Streetfighter V2 in episodes across a two month period last year - doesn’t give much away as to what is coming up in the seven-episode series, there are some cheeky hints in their titles.

2 September 2022

Ducati World Première - Episode 1 | The Unexpected

15 September 2022: 

Ducati World Première - Episode 2 | Ready for More?

29 September 2022: 

Ducati World Première - Episode 3 | Unlock Earth

7 October 2022: 

Ducati World Première - Episode 4 | This is Racing

20 October 2022: 

Ducati World Première - Episode 5 | Push Forward

28 October 2022: 

Ducati World Première - Episode 6 | Dare to be Bold 

7 November 2022: 

Ducati World Première - Episode 7 | Next Gen Freedom

OK, so we say 'cheeky hints' but in reality, they're frustratingly ambiguous hints meaning we can imagine a brand-new beefy Diavel applying to 'Push Forward' as readily as an e-scooter.

Either way, glancing at the Ducati range, there are some models due for an update, including an updated Scrambler, which was confirmed earlier this week to be one of the models featuring in the web series.

Elsewhere, Ducati could use the format to launch its much anticipated contribution to the MotoE World Cup. Though it won't be made for sale, the sportsbike represents Ducati's maiden foray into electric power.

Then we have options like another lavish special edition of the Diavel, a new variant of the Multistrada or another weight-shaving exercise to hone the Panigale sportsbike... we'll soon find out