Fantic announces the Issimo 45 S-Pedelec electric bike

Fantic has revealed the Issimo 45, an S-Pedelec version of the standard Issimo Pedelec machine, available in a variety of colours and with four power modes.

Fantic Issimo 45. - Fantic

Fantic has revealed its latest edition of the Issimo electric bike: the Issimo 45.

The main difference between the standard Issimo and the Issimo 45 is represented by the number. 45 is the maximum speed in kilometres per hour allowed for the Issimo 45, whereas the standard version tops out at 25kph. 

This is because the Issimo 45 is the S-Pedelec version of the Issimo, the standard version of which is simply a Pedelec. The “S” in “S-Pedelec” stands for “high speed.” For those unfamiliar with the Fantic Issimo, or with Pedelec- functionally it is essentially a bicycle with electric assist, and S-Pedelec bikes offer a bit more performance from the electric motor and battery, but are limited to 45kph. On the Issimo 45, there is also a thumb-operated throttle lever on the right side of the handlebar.

That extra performance of the S-Pedelec means that you must ride it on the road, not in cycle paths; you must have insurance; you must have a moped licence; you must wear a helmet; and the bike must feature rear view mirrors. 

For the Fantic Issimo 45, there is a 500W electric motor from Bafang, which produces a maximum torque output of 120Nm, the battery has a capacity of 600kWh, and the transmission is continuous.

Those 600kWh mean that you can reach up to 50km of range with a standard battery in the Issimo 45. Adding a second battery will push that to 100km.

There are also choices available to the rider as to how to use the power, via four riding modes: Road (allowing the rider to reach a top speed of 40kph); Hill (exploiting the maximum torque of the motor to climb at up to 20kph); Zero (turns off the electric assist); Walk Assist (to make the bike easier to push, designed for areas where riding is prohibited).

To cope with slowing the bike down, the Issimo is fitted with a 180mm front brake disc, and the front fork is an 80mm unit from Zoom. The frame is lightweight, and made of aluminium.

Additionally, the lights and number plate holder are type approved (another thing which is mandatory for S-Pedelecs), and the bike comes with a storage compartment as standard.

The Issimo 45 is available in five “transparent,” according to Fantic, colours: “Vivid Lime”, “Chili Pepper Red”, “Neon Orange”, “Island Blue”, “Violet”; and five “opaque” colours: “Jet Black”, “Silver”, “Outdoor Green”, “Rose Gold”, and “White”. 

Fantic is retailing the Issimo 45 for €3,590, which equates to around £3,000.

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