Ducati SuperSport walkaround at Intermot

Fighting our way past the scrum to get a closer look at Ducati's latest bike

HERE'S a closer look at the new Ducati SuperSport, specifically the SuperSport S model.

Ducati unveiled the new SuperSport this evening, during its press conference at Intermot. It's billing the SuperSport as a sports bike for the road - a bike that's easy to get on with and can be ridden in the city, but is also game when the roads get more twisty: a versatile sports bike.

You'll have to excuse the shakier-than-normal camera work - space was tight. In fact, just after this video was taken, a French journo managed to throw his glass of coke all over my back while jostling for a picture. 

Click here for full details and spec of the new Ducati SuperSport.