Ducati offers Scrambler sneak peek at WDW before 2022 EICMA reveal

The Ducati Scrambler is set to undergo its first major update since the retro-style roadster was revived as a standalone brand in 2015

Ducati Scrambler Icon

Ducati’s spin-off Scrambler model range has been singled out as the next motorcycle in the Italian firm’s line-up to be refreshed after it was revealed in secret during World Ducati Week at Misano.

As has become customary for Ducati in its effort to impress loyal customers attending the ultimate Ducati exhibition show, it featured a ‘Secret Room’ containing the MY23 Scrambler.

However, while the new Ducati Scrambler was available to view, it remained otherwise under strict guard to preserve its full world premiere reveal for EICMA in November.

Marketed aside from the more avantgarde Ducati range as a funkier, youth-orientated sub-brand, while the body style has roots stretching back to the 1960s, it was the 2015 revival of Scrambler as its own brand kick-started this latest phenomenon.

Available in 803cc and 1079cc guises, Ducati has steadily rolled out numerous ‘special edition’ variations over the years, with the current line-up featuring eight models.

However, for 2023, Ducati is revising the base Scrambler from which the different versions will spin-off from, though alas we - and you - will have to wait a few more months before clasping our eyes on it.

As such, we have to entrust our esteemed colleagues at Moto.it to share its description of the Scrambler having managed to grab a sneak peek during WDW.

According to the publication, the cosmetic changes have been kept to a minimum to preserve the Scrambler’s classic look, but there is a ‘little different’ headlight and new saddle, while a more contemporary dash display and more electronic trickery will help bring the sixties inspired motorcycle up to date.

The Scrambler is likely to be one of a handful of new reveals to be taking centre stage at EICMA, which Ducati will be attending for the first time since 2019 after prioritising its World Premiere web series as a preferred platform to launch new motorcycles.