The Ducasu DK400 Is A Shameless Ducati SuperSport Ripoff

A Chinese firm has produced a very close stylistic copy of the pre-facelift SuperSport 950 S, powered by a small parallel twin

Ducasu DK400

Cheap, Chinese-made copies of, well, anything is hardly a new concept, and motorcycles don’t escape this treatment. Even so, the example we bring you today is notable in its shamelessness. 

Everyone, please give a warm welcome to the Ducasu DK400. Even without seeing the photos, you could probably guess from the name which manufacturer’s wares were being knocked off here. 

Yes, it’s a faux Ducati, one that looks an awful lot like the 2017 - 2021 version of the Ducati SuperSport 950. It’s not a one-for-one reproduction, but quite clearly, there’s been some homework copying going on here. What makes it even more brazen is both the name of the brand and the logo, which owes a little too much to Ducati’s famous shield emblem.

We particularly also like the fact that in one image, the sidestand is resting on a couple of books, and there appears to be someone kneeling down to hold the bike up from the other side...

The brand is one of a few owned by Shanghai Jianshe Motorcycle Technology Company Limited, which has been going since the mid-90s, although Ducasu seems like a more recent addition to its roster. 

The price of the Ducasu DK400 works out at around £2,250, a fraction of the £15,795 charged for a current Ducati SuperSport 950 S. You are, of course, going to have to make a lot of compromises for that price, besides the fact it’s not actually a Ducati and any differences in build quality (we obviously haven’t seen the bike in real life, but one can make safe assumptions). 

You won't get fancy electronics like a six-axis IMU, cornering ABS, wheelie control and a quickshifter, as you do on a 950 S. Oh, and the Ducasu makes do with a 400cc parallel twin developing about 25bhp, less than a quarter of the SuperSport’s output from its 937cc 'L-twin'.

It’s also worth pointing out that Ducati has an official presence in China, so if you do live there, you can easily go out and buy the real thing.