Dot Motorcycles dusted off for revival… and Guy Martin is involved too

Manchester-based Dot Motorcycles follows BSA in becoming the latest mothballed British brand to get a revival - with a little helping hand from Guy Martin

Dot Reed Racer, Dot Demon

Manchester motorcycle manufacturer Dot Motorcycles is to make a comeback after revealing two brand new models that mark the first output from the brand since 1984.

Showcasing at Motorcycle Live this week, Dot Motorcycles is the second notable British brand to be making an imminent comeback, following on from the unveiling of the new BSA Gold Star 650, while Norton is embarking on a new era under fresh ownership and investment.

For Dot Motorcycles - which was originally coined with the ‘Devoid of Trouble’ slogan - the revival sees it bring two new 650cc models to the market - the Dot Reed Racer and the Dot Demon.

Based on the same platform, the striking cafe racer-inspired Dot Reed Racer [above] is distinguished by its cowled fairing, porthole headlight and intricate detailing on the exposed frame.

The Dot Demon [below] is a scrambler-style naked with a more compact, bluff silhouette and more modern detailing, while both models are handmade and highly customisable.

Both utilise a 649cc engine sourced from Kawasaki capable of 68PS at 8,000rpm and 64Nm at 6,700rpm of torque and have been designed by Dot to evoke decades gone by.

Indeed, Dot Motorcycles have gone right back to its roots with its latest venture, adopting the same Manchester-based home for production, just as it did when it was founded in 1903.

Dr Anthony Keating and Dr Daniel Keating, plus Gary Hewitt and Ian Martin, are behind the latest revival and have benefited from the input of TT and road racing favourite turned TV star Guy Martin during development to craft what it describes as a ‘superior product’.

Looking to the future, Dot Motorcycles says it will follow Norton’s tact of developing its own range of high-end electric motorcycles down the line.

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