Could Devot's first electric motorcycle be launched within the year?

A new electric motorcycle is in the works in India, courtesy of Devot Motorcycles. The bike will have a top speed of 75mph and a range of 200km.

Devot Motorcycles electric bike

Devot Motors is an emerging manufacturer from India, and is reportedly ready to begin production on its first motorcycle. 

Electric bikes seem to be popping up in every direction by now, especially in the low-powered or commuter categories where the performance disadvantages of contemporary electric technology compared to internal combustion is less of a factor. 

This is where Devot is trying to arrive. Their first bike, which is as yet unnamed, has a quoted top speed from the Indian manufacturer of 120kph (75mph) and a maximum range of 200km (124 miles). 

We do not know as yet what outputs the electric motor of the bike will produce, nor the capacity of the battery. However, the battery will take three hours to fully charge thanks to its type 2 charger, or charge equivalent to 60km of range can be achieved in one hour. Additionally, the rear wheel makes use of regenerative braking.

Further, we know some details about the chassis of the motorcycle, which will use inverted front forks and twin rear shocks. Additionally, the front brake will use a petal disc, and the wheels are both 17 inches in diameter.

Styling-wise, the aforementioned dual rear shocks are complimented by a flat, two-up seat; a singular, round headlamp, and round mirrors; and offset by some relatively sharp angles to achieve a neo-retro look. 

It is not yet confirmed when Devot will begin producing their electric motorcycle in-series, nor when the name of the bike will be announced. Le Repaire des Motards reports that the manufacturer itself feels it is ready to begin production, and a commencement soon would create a possibility of availability within the calendar year.

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