Could this bike become a KTM RC890 sports motorcycle?

Images found by a German website seem to show a KTM-based sports motorcycle with 890 Duke engine


KTM looks to be forging on with the development of a track-only motorcycle as images found by Speedweek seem to show an 890 Duke-based machine at a track.

It’s no secret that the 790 and 890 Duke platforms have been turned into track-only machines before, the Kramer developed GP2 890 R has for some time now used the engines from the naked machines in its track bikes.

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Now though, the talk is beginning to lean towards KTM selling the machines as track-only toys for the well-heeled adrenalin junkie.

The bike is not 100% KTM Duke though, with the engine being the shared part along with some of the running gear. The frame of the Kramer is different though. It features much more bracing running around either side of the engine and is mated to a much more substantial, underslung swingarm. Altogether this would provide the bike with the stiffness required for the rigors of track-specific use.

The desire for KTM to produce a track-only motorcycle has been around since KTM stepped up to the top-flight of MotoGP back in 2014. At that time there was talk of slightly lower spec RC16s being made available to the public. Sadly, that idea seems to have fallen by the wayside, although the aspiration to provide riders with some of the feel of a KTM race bike has not.

The latest picture (top), is not total evidence of KTM taking up the project but it does show the project is still there, being dutifully developed and honed on the track even during 2021’s testing times.

Surely if nothing else, a KTM powered sports bike with top-spec components and that awesome 890 engine, it could be just the tonic we all need right now!

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