A classic-style scooter with a modern 400cc engine

And it’s British

CLASSIC scooters look great but break down. Modern maxi-scooters offer performance and reliability but look, well, middle-aged.

Do you see where this is going?

Little-known British scooter firm Scomadi is set to launch this best-of-all-worlds solution, with styling aping classic Lambrettas and a 400cc engine similar to the Suzuki Burgman 400’s.

Scomadi, a partnership between two well-known scooter tuners, Frank Sanderson of Scooter Innovation Ltd and Paul Melici of PM Tuning, already offers smaller-capacity Chinese-built classic-style scooters.

Now the firm says it’s going to launch its new 400cc model in 2018, after revealing a prototype at Eicma in Milan.

The firm said in a press release: ‘The new 400 model should be available in 2018. This project is currently in progress with a hand-built prototype as a test bed. The process of CAD modelling alongside rigorous testing is underway to move the prototype forward to mass production and to ensure it complies with the forthcoming Euro 4 regulations.’

Find the rest of the range and more details on Scomadi here.


I'm not a scooter guy, but that thing should be a beast.

duck51's picture

Well I'm a two wheeler user having bikes and scooters with no preferences, and Scomadi seem to be doing things right. The guys involved have long associations with modifications to classic scooters and seem to know their onions. I should think it will be a great scoot.

Still a Chinese Scooter and an engine "similar to a 400 Burgman's" means absolutely nothing,scores of Chinese junk around with engines "like a 125 Honda" .It's not a Suzuki and the're not Hondas.

Sergio Garcia's picture

An European or Japanese engine in the bike will make the bike more attractive to the buyer...

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