A classic-style scooter with a modern 400cc engine

And it’s British

A classic-style scooter with a modern 400cc engine

CLASSIC scooters look great but break down. Modern maxi-scooters offer performance and reliability but look, well, middle-aged.

Do you see where this is going?

Little-known British scooter firm Scomadi is set to launch this best-of-all-worlds solution, with styling aping classic Lambrettas and a 400cc engine similar to the Suzuki Burgman 400’s.

Scomadi, a partnership between two well-known scooter tuners, Frank Sanderson of Scooter Innovation Ltd and Paul Melici of PM Tuning, already offers smaller-capacity Chinese-built classic-style scooters.

Now the firm says it’s going to launch its new 400cc model in 2018, after revealing a prototype at Eicma in Milan.

The firm said in a press release: ‘The new 400 model should be available in 2018. This project is currently in progress with a hand-built prototype as a test bed. The process of CAD modelling alongside rigorous testing is underway to move the prototype forward to mass production and to ensure it complies with the forthcoming Euro 4 regulations.’

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