Canadian electric motorcycle can swap its wheels for skis

An electric motorcycle has been announced by the Canadian manufacturer Daymak which allows the rider to swap between wheels and skis.

Daymak Combat. - Daymak

The Canadian manufacturer, Daymak, has announced a new electric motorcycle which combines multiple modes of transport. 

Canada is a relatively rural country and being both rural and globally northern it also tends to see its fair share of snow. Traction therefore becomes an issue for vehicles, and even off-road focused motorcycles can struggle when it gets deep. As a result, skis and tracks become more beneficial in the winter, but usually this means needing a second vehicle. 

Daymak has decided to combine both wheels, and skis and tracks into one vehicle with its Combat motorcycle. 

In its regular form, the Combat has a relatively ordinary set-up of one 10-inch front wheel and one eight-inch rear wheel, both with all-terrain tyres. However, both wheels can be removed and replaced, at the front with a ski, and at the rear with a track. This of course helps with traction and stability in deep, soft terrain, but would appear to require a not insignificant amount of time and work to make the swap. 

The Combat is powered by a brushless air-cooled electric motor producing a nominal output of 5kW and a peak output of 19kW. This will power the 136kg bike to a limited top speed of 45mph, at which speed the Combat can reach a maximum range of 80km. The range is “much higher at lower speed,” Daymak says. The battery itself is a 3.85kWh unit which charges in 3.5 hours.

As for the chassis, the frame is made from aluminium and the suspension is “heavy duty,” according to Daymak. Elsewhere, the brakes are discs, the headlight is LED, the gauges are digital, and the components are waterproof.

The first 100 Combat units will be sold as Founders Edition versions, which comes with “reduced pricing, as well as [...] a jacket, backpack, and dirt bike cover,” Daymak says. 

Specifically, the Founders Edition will cost $1,000 less than the standard version, at £13,995, which is around £11,000 at time of writing (December 2022). Additionally, the Founders Edition will arrive in June 2023, while the series production bikes will not be available until the end of 2023.

Find out more on Daymak's dedicated website for the Combat.

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