BST and Pierre Terblanche launch the Hypertek

Renowned motorcycle designer Pierre Terblanche and carbon composites maker BST have teamed up to create the Hypertek

BST Hypertek

ICONIC motorcycle designer Pierre Terblanche and British carbon composite manufacturer Blackstone Tek (BST) have joined forces to create the Hypertek electric motorcycle.

With Terblanche (a former colleague of legendary designer Massimo Tamburini) at the helm from a design point of view, BST have used their decades of composite experience to help create the frame structure, swingarm and, of course, some slinky looking lightweight BST carbon fibre wheels!

The business end of the bike is an 107hp, DHX Hawk PMS motor with water cooling. As always, torque is the big torqueing point and the Hypertek delivers a healthy 120Nm or 88.5ft-lbs from zero rpm.

What is the range and recharge time of the BST Hypertek?

As the bike isn’t officially released yet – and we’re not sure it has turned a wheel yet in the real world – we can only go by BST’s claimed figures of 300km (180miles) and recharge time of 30-mins with a DC/DC quick-charger. While those numbers aren’t mindblowing, the Energica Eva we expect next year should perform better on both fronts – it is a step forward compared to the majority of electric bikes – and the Hypertek has some other tricks up its sleeve.

BST Hypertek special features

To start with the machine features a novel head up display, built in collaboration with Crosshelmet of Japan. The system projects bike data, a rear-view camera and safety lights on the inside of the machines visor.

BST also make a big point of mentioning the bike has a clutch, meaning riders are able to rev the engine and perform wheelies and burnouts should your inner hooligan need feeding. The Hypertek also includes a built-in sound generator, helping to improve safety when riding in and out of built up areas.

There is no mention of price on the Hypertek website, although interested parties are asked to fill out a form for more information on the new model. Details of that can be found here:

BST Hypertek spec


 DHX Hawk water-cooled PMS motor






 DC/DC quick charge 30min


 300 km


 Non slipper/regen clutch




 BST Carbon Fibre 17 inch

Wheel travel

 Front 130mm – Rear 140mm


 Front 120/55-17 – Rear 180/60-17

Seat Height

 790/800/820mm adjustable




 Carbon fibre monocoque

Front fork

 Carbon fibre integrated structure with down tubes and triple clamps in one piece

Single front disc brake

 330mm aluminium ceramic-infused ventilated disc brake

Rear brake

 Combination aluminium sprocket/disc brake (aluminium ceramic-infused ventilated)