BSA Gold Star pricing revealed, set to launch by mid-August

The new BSA Gold Star is expected to arrive by mid-August, with pricing starting at £6,500 and a variety of colour options.

BSA Motorcycles reveals the Gold Star 650 for 2022

Details have emerged from BSA regarding the pricing of its soon-to-be-released Gold Star. 

The new Gold Star is a bike which has been anticipated in the UK since at least last year when BSA’s comeback plans were announced. 

The original Gold Star was an iconic bike of the mid-20th century, and somewhat typified the era. Reborn for the 2020s, the new Gold Star was first shown at the end of last year. 

Recently, we reported on BSA’s new partnership with Lukas Distribution as their new distribution partner for the UK and Ireland as they prepare to release the new Gold Star over here. 

Now, there are details of the pricing and availability of the new Gold Star. Rather alarmingly, there were continued rumours thrown about recently that the bike would cost as much as £10,000, but that now seems not to be the case. 

Pricing for the new BSA Gold Star will begin at £6,500 for the Highland Green version. A step up from that are three different colour options: the Insignia Red, Midnight Black and Dawn Silver editions at £6,800, while the Legacy Silver option will be £7,000.

This puts the Gold Star around the same sort of range - if just slightly above - as the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, which goes for £6,000-£6,500. 

Furthermore, there are details on when we can expect the bike to become available. BSA expects the Gold Star to be landing around mid-August, so in around a month’s time from time of writing (12 July 2022).

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