Brixton announce Triumph Bonneville T120 Rival

Brixton Motorcycles have cleared their 1200cc EICMA concept for full production – could it rival the Triumph T120?

Brixton 1200 Triumph Rival 02

BRIXTON Motorcycles are to produce a 1200cc parallel twin-cylinder classic that looks eerily like a Triumph Bonneville T120.

The bike will be imported into Europe by Brixton’s parent company, Austria-based KSR Group, who will then brand the Chinese built machines and get them ready for sale. While the bike will be indeed made in China, the design and development work for the new model was all carried out in-house by the KSR Group in Krups, Austria.

We first saw the Brixton as a concept model at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan last year. The company haven’t officially committed to a launch date, although from looking at the latest images of the machine it seems to be a fairly completed bike. With the motorcycle show season for 2020 hanging in the balance due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, it’s unclear if we’ll get to see it in the flesh or in an online launch.

With no confirmed specs for the bike, we can only really go by what we see in the pictures: Budget J.Juan disc brakes, telescopic forks and some rather questionable looking welding on the frame joins. Will it be a true rival to the Triumph T120? Possibly not, but for those looking for a cheaper alternative, it might just fit the bill.

It would probably have to be a lot cheaper mind you…

Hopefully the welding is improved prior to the bike going on sale!

Who are Brixton Motorcycles?

Brixton’s parent company, KSR Group, is one of the larger Austrian-based importers of small and mid-range bikes. They currently bring in bikes from the likes of CF Moto, Malaguti, Lambretta and Royal Enfield.

They claim to sell over 60,000 products each year, shifting everything from motorcycles to scooters, quads and ATVs. They have even dipped their tow in the electric market with brands like Sur-ron, Niu and A-to.