Honda Monkeying around with new mini-bike

Patents unearthed seem to chow that Honda is working on an even more dinky Monkey 125

Mini Honda Monkey 125

PATENTS filed by Honda seem to show an even smaller version of its iconic Monkey 125 that is in the works.

Other than the basic line drawing you can see in the filing, there really isn’t much to go on in the form of details regarding the new model. What we can say is that it’s a smaller, more compact model than the 2018 re-boot of the iconic machine.

There are some notable differences between the two models though, the most obvious being the location of the engine and transmission. While the current Honda Monkey 125 uses a unit construction engine and manual gearbox, mounted below the top-tube of the frame, the new machine uses an axel mounted engine and transmission, just like one of the firm’s scooters. The new engine and drivetrain could even be lifted from one of Honda’s 50 or 125cc step-through offerings, helping to keep development costs of the new model down, although to know that for sure from these drawings is tricky.

Other changes come in the form of a small fuel tank mounted on the top tube of the frame. It looks much smaller than the 7-litre tank that’s fitted to the Monkey 125, possibly by as much as 50% smaller.

The new bike’s rider ergonomics are also changed, with the handlebars sitting closer to the rider. With no bodywork showing in the filing, we can also see what looks like the battery of the machine, sitting in front of the handlebars where the headlight would normally be located.

Will the new bike replace the Honda Monkey 125?

The move to replace the current Monkey 125 with a new, even smaller machine looks like a strange decision on the face of it; the Monkey 125 sells fairly well at home and abroad. Would the public be clamouring to get hold of an even smaller, even more range-restricted version of the machine?

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