A brand-new Revolution Max-engined Harley-Davidson is to be launched in July

We wait a ages for the Pan America to launch and then Harley-Davidson is straight into its next Revolution Max-engined offering... and it's coming soon!

Harley-Davidson 1250cc Revolution Max Engine

We had to wait a long time to get our hands on the much anticipated Harley Davidson Pan America, the storied firm’s maiden foray into the adventure sector, but with attention comes momentum and with it the launch of a second model next month using the Revolution Max engine.

H-D has put out a teaser confirming a new motorcycle is on the way on July 13 [Tuesday] as the next in line to use its fresh Revolution Max architecture, which debuted to positive reviews in the Pan America, not least our own which you can read HERE.

Harley-Davidson isn’t giving too much away beyond the fact it will be a sportier number, which isn’t surprising giving the Pan America is a hulking behemoth even by large ADV standards.

Harley-Davidson Pan America | Harley-Davidson Streetfighter | EICMA 2019 | Visordown

“Following the successful launch of our first adventure touring motorcycle, the Pan America, we are excited to reveal another all-new motorcycle, built on the Revolution Max platform in the sport segment, showcasing unmatched Harley-Davidson technology, performance and style,” said CEO Jochen Zeitz.

As such, we’re left to indulge in one of our favourite hobbies of speculating wildly - albeit with some education we like to think - as to what will be breaking cover in three weeks’ time.

The first note to make here is that there is no assurance as to whether this will be a concept or a model ready for production, though with an anticipated dealership arrival plotted for the end of 2021 we can assume what you see in July will be fairly close to the finished product.

Also, just because it uses Revolution Max underpinnings doesn’t mean it will be the same 1250cc engine as found in the Pan America. Indeed, around now we were supposed to be throwing a leg over the Bronx streetfighter, which was first revealed alongside its bigger brother back in 2019 with a scaled down 975cc engine.

That particular model was put ‘on hold’ towards the end of 2020, which for many was roughly translated as ‘axed’. However, has the Bronx been on the back burner all along, during which it has received an overhaul - preferably with more engaging styling - before making a spectacular rise from the presumed ashes?  

It would certainly fulfil the sporting brief Zeitz touches upon to give Harley-Davidson a more nimble punchy roadster to go up against the likes of the Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS and Yamaha MT-10.

Alternatively, we could see a production-ready version of the Custom concept that has also been doing the rounds for some time and continues to be listed under Harley’s ever so helpful ‘Future Vehicles’ landing page.

This would make more sense towards the Zeitz’s Hardwire project in that it takes the classic cruiser silhouette and gives it a modern makeover, complete with up to date underpinnings, that will no doubt be pitched at retaining die-hard fans unmoved by the Pan America and LiveWire, while at the same time getting the attention of the younger demographic the firm needs to keep the profits rolling in. 

Beyond that, the third - perhaps more long shot option - is a new sportsbike Harley-Davidson has teased in the recent past without ever formally acknowledging it. 

Easter egg sketches of a streamlined faired model have popped up in some random places, including the background of films about an entirely different model, though this would be a major departure to the norm for Harley-Davidson, one that perhaps would deserve a more significant build up if it was on the verge of being revealed.

Either way, colour us intrigued… in the meantime, sign up to for access to the virtual launch when it kicks off on July 13 to see if Harley-Davidson opts to keep ‘rewiring’ with something a little more out of its comfort zone, or whether the loyal customer base are more likely to appreciate what they see…

To sign up for the online reveal for yourself, head to: www.harley-davidson.com