Brammo electric motorcycles to be sold in the UK

Set to be on sale in early March

ELECTRIC motorcycle manufacturer Brammo has announced its bikes will be going on sale in the UK.

The American firm have set up a UK distribution agreement with GoinGreen, an electric vehicle specialist website.

A spokesperson for GoinGreen has said the bikes are currently undergoing European homologation but they expect to receive the bikes in early march.

The Oregon based company will be offering its Enertia Plus, Empulse and Empulse R range of bikes to the UK market.

UK prices have not been confirmed but the spokesperson said the company is likely to mirror US prices, where the Enertia Plus costs £6,630, the Empulse is £10,254 and the Empulse R is £11,445.

The sporty Empulse R model has an electric motor delivering of torque and 54hp at 4,500 rpm. Unlike other electric motorcycles it has a six speed gearbox actuated by a hydraulically activated wet clutch.

The lithium-ion battery gives the Empulse R a combined range of 77 miles and takes 3.5 hours to charge on ‘Level II’.

The bike weighs 213kg and has a top speed of 105mph.