New Suzuki Gixxer

It’s not a nickname anymore

THOSE of you who refer to Suzuki’s GSX-R models as “Gixxers” (you know who you are) had better get out of the habit – since the Suzuki Gixxer is now an official model.

More to the point, it’s one without the sort of image you might hope to conjure with the ‘Gixxer’ nickname, applied as it once was to streetfighter GSX-R7/11s and bringing to mind the inevitable images of combat trousers and Simpson Bandit lids airbrushed to look like skulls.

Yes, the new Gixxer is air/oil cooled. Certainly it’s got a hint of streetfighter about it. But it’s a 150cc single aimed at the Indian market. Sorry.

The rest of the specs shout ‘budget’ more than anything else, not least the drum rear brake.

Of course, it won’t be sold over here, but next time you’re about to refer to any member of the GSX-R clan as a ‘Gixxer’, think twice and spare the extra syllables to say the bike’s real name. After all, not many GSX-R owners will thank you for likening their machine to this.