A brace of new Benellis at Eicma

Wherever do they get their styling inspiration from?

A brace of new Benellis at Eicma

WHATEVER you think of Chinese-made bikes, one thing is clear: they’re getting better looking.

Just look at this lot, unveiled this week at Eicma in Milan by one-time Italian marque Benelli.

Most interesting, probably, is the Benelli 752S (pictured above), a 750cc Ducati Monster-alike parallel twin making 81.5hp and 49.5lbft, and expected to go on sale in the second half of next year.

Not before time – the engine was first seen in the permanently delayed Due 756 prototype in 2006.

Then there’s the 402S (wonder where they got styling inspiration for that from), a 500cc parallel-twin cruiser with about 40hp.

We saw the TRK251, a serious-looking 250cc version of the TRK 502 parallel-twin adventure bike that debuted at the same show two years ago.

There’s the new 125cc single-cylinder BN125, a smaller version of the BN251.

And the Leoncino Sport, a new version of the scrambler-esque 500cc parallel-twin Leoncino, but with café racer fairing and dinky panniers.

The Benelli 402S

The Benelli TRK251

The Benelli BN125

And the Benelli Leoncino Sport