Is Brabus about to get into the motorcycle tuning game?

Automotive tuning house Brabus is turning to two-wheeled tuning with reports surfacing of a lightweight KTM 1290 Super Duke RR in the works

Brabus to tune bikes with lightweight KTM 1290 Super Duke being rumoured

FOUR-WHEELED tuning meisters Brabus look like they are about to turn their spanners to working on bikes, as the Brabus 1300 R model name has been registered with European Patent Office.

The news seems to emanate from the German website Motorrad, which is pointing to the Bottrop-based performance specialist working on a lightweight version of KTM’s already bonkers 1290 Super Duke RR.

Motorrad is quoting apparent ‘leaked information’ on the topic and is claiming that the bike will remain close to the original in terms of spec, although weighing a not-insignificant 5kg less than the donor machine.

How true this is, remains to be seen, although the already high-performance base for the team at Brabus makes sense. They have a taste for taking the world’s already fastest and high performing cars and making them even tastier – and expensive.

Brabus tuned motorcycle trademark

So far it is just the trademark that is attached to the filing, no designs or any other information on the bike. What we do know is that the filing was first made with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in August this year, and it one hundred per cent relates to a motorcycle.

That official process runs until the 24th November 2021, until that time there is a small window for parties to open opposition to the trademark filing – if they see any infringements on their own trademarks. The likelihood of that happening, in this case, is fairly slim though. After the 24th, if no objections are received, it’s full steam ahead to the Brabus 1300 R at some point in the future!