Bott XC1 Café Racer: New version revealed

Version three of Buell Thunderstorm-engined café racer gets handlebar fairing

SPANISH firm Bottpower has revealed these images of a new version of its Buell Thunderstorm-engined café racer, the Bott XC1.

The renderings show 'version 3' of the XC1, with a handlebar fairing added and a reshaped tank and tail unit.

The XC1 is based on Bottpower's flattracker-style XR1, and designed so that one can be converted into the other.

Bottpower says on its website: 'When we published the first renders of our cafe racer, we mentioned that we were working on several designs. This is one of those versions.

'This design uses the same front oil radiator and headlamps of the Bott XR1. In that way it would be easier to convert one bike into the other one.

'This version is quite far from what is common on a cafe racer. Anyway, we like it! What about you, what do you think? We would like to hear your opinions!'