BMW unveil new F800 GT

BMW's new sports tourer shouldn't yield too many surprises

BMW have announced a new addition to their F800 range, the middle-weight GT.

An attempt to enhance the German giant's presence in the 'sporty touring segment', the GT will serve as the successor to the popular F800 ST.

First impressions are that BMW have emphasized the 'touring' side of their new 'sports tourer'.  Visually, the GT looks to be significantly less on the sporty side than its predecessor, and BMW are keen to draw attention to it's 'Gran Turismo' potential. 

All the talk in the press pack is about the F800's touring capabilities. BMW boast 'improved ergonomics, optimised wind and weather protection and an even more practically oriented luggage system' - if an even more practically oriented luggage system doesn't get those touring juices flowing, well...

Despite a marked emphasis on the the practical side of things, the F800 GT looks slim and refined. The faring still looks relatively sporty, and the overall silhouette is notably low on 'bulk'. 

Engine-wise, the GT can boast a slight power boost - the F800 engine has been tweaked to provide 90 bhp (an increase of five bhp on the aforementioned ST), at 8,000 rpm. The new F 800 GT also sports a maintenance-free secondary drive via toothed belt and is also fitted as standard with ABS.

No word on release or pricing as yet, but expect to see it in early 2013.