BMW R1200R price announced

Three versions of new 125hp boxer

BMW'S 2015 R1200R will come in three versions ranging in price from £10,250 to £11,910 on-the-road, the German firm has announced.

The cheapest edition will come as standard with ABS and traction control with 'Road' and 'Rain' riding modes. It will be available only in blue and known simply as the R1200R.

A the top end of the range is the 'R1200R Exclusive', which comes with a long list of extras including semi-active suspension, cruise control, a stainless steel tank cover, an on-board computer and a luggage rack. It's available in metallic grey.

In between the two, priced at £11,060 on-the-road, is 'R1200R Sport', with extra riding modes, an engine spoiler, a small screen and BMW's 'Gear Shift Assist Pro' system. It also has a stainless steel tank cover and comes only in red and white.

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