BMW C400X and C400GT | Two updated scooters for 2021

Updated technology packs for the midsize C400X and C400GT scooters from BMW, with new Euro 5 engine homologation and other new parts!

BMW C400X 2021

BMW Motorrad has had the C400X and C400GT on their urban mobility segment since 2018 and 2019 respectively, so you'll be pleased to hear that there’s an update of these nifty looking scooters for 2021! 

Of course, maxi-scooters are a bit of a love ‘em or hate ‘em affair, some will absolutely love the versatility and dynamic riding offered by a larger scooter like this - whilst others won’t be able to look past the style. 

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Either way, both models will be receiving quite a raft of updates for 2021, with ‘E-gas’, a new engine management system and optimised centrifugal clutch bringing Euro 5 refinements to the 350cc single-cylinder motor, despite still providing 34 bhp and 35Nm of torque (with peak torque available 250 revs lower). 

Euro-5 updates for BMW scooters | C400X & C400GT

‘E-gas’ isn’t some form of electronic fuel, by the way, it’s actually an electronic throttle grip with partnering electronically operated throttle valve (like a ride-by-wire system), and paired with the CVT transmission and centrifugal clutch will overall promise a much smoother ride, with far greater stability (particularly when idling). 

The brakes have had a look in on the new parts for this year, with new front calipers to offer a clearly defined ‘pressure point’, along with aligned brake lever travels for a symmetrical braking feel. 

Assists have been refined with Automatic Stability Control updated to now automatically calibrate, quoted with a much greater feel on wet and slippery roads. 

A couple of changes have been made to rider comforts, with lighting for the under-seat storage now coming from above (rather than the side), and a new USB port in the front right storage accompanies the 12-volt socket. 

Lastly, it goes without saying, but there are new colours for the C400X and C400GT - two new colours for each, and a ‘Sport’ C400X and ‘Triple Black’ C400GT also available.