Bimota Tesi H2 hits Misano as final touches applied to comeback ‘hyperbike'

The production-ready version of the brand-new Kawasaki H2-based Bimota Tesi H2 hits the track in Misano ahead of first deliveries

Bimota Tesi H2

It’s been almost a year since Kawasaki caught everyone by surprise by confirming it had bought a large stake in the historic - albeit ailing - Bimota marque and marked  the occasion by unveiling a fresh new  concept in the form of the eye-catching and powerful Bimota Tesi H2.

With underpinnings shared with the legendary Kawasaki H2 and boasting a design that somehow took the already ostentatious donor model and made it yet more outlandish with multiple carves, wings and creases, the Bimota Tesi H2 was arguably the most eye-catching reveal of the show.

With no exhibition to get excited about in 2020, manufacturers will revert to  doing their own thing, which in Bimota’s case meant giving the production version of the Tesi H2 a fairly low key social media debut with a couple of images.

Nonetheless, there is nothing low key about the final model, which maintains all the drama of the concept but adds a more elegant tricolore colour scheme. Is it beautiful? Well… let’s just say Lamborghinis are stylish in their own unique way, so…

The performance figures are far from modest either with 231hp @ 11,500rpm squeezed out of the supercharged engine, which can then be upped to 242hp with the air box under pressure. 

This video here - taken at the Marco Simoncelli Misano World Circuit - are the first shots of the Bimota Tesi H2 in final dress being seen properly in public as journalist Alan Cathcart got an exclusive first test of the snarling best.

It’s a shame then that the motion of the video is slow and the generic rousing ‘triumph against adversity’ soundtrack (rather than our favourite background music, the motorcycle itself!) behind it kind of dampens the majesty of what it could be. 

Nonetheless, you get to see the Bimota Tesi H2 in finest detail yet, which may be as close as any of us will ever get since it’s being priced at a whopping 64,000 euros. Get saving.