A new Honda MSX125 ‘Grom’ is on its way to charm us all over again

Charming but packing a compact punch too,  the cult Honda Grom is heading for an update almost seven years after the first gen mini-bike burst onto stage

Honda Grom scoop [credit: Young Machine]

Reports from our favourite - and most accurate - esteemed colleagues over in Japan at Young Machine suggest Honda's new model offensive shows no sign of abating and the next motorcycle in its sights is the 125cc mini-bike sensation - the Grom!

More formally referred to as the MSX 125 in the UK but better known by its colloquial 'Grom' alias, the 12-inch wheeled mini-bike was launched back in 2014 – so is approaching seven years old – and caused a sensation from the outset, it's quirky styling and profile akin to a motorcycling Scrappy Doo making it something of a cult hit in both the UK and around the world.

Now Young Machine - rarely wrong in these things - has come across a picture of a race-prepared Grom that is clearly not based on the current bike and is in fact bring built in association with Honda on a new, upcoming machiune. Brush up on your Kanji skills by clicking HERE for the full story... or just find Google Translate.

This would also fit in with Honda’s need to update the bike, and particularly its air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine, due to tightening EU emissions regulations etc. We already know, for example, that Honda has also updated its air-cooled CB 125 F for similar reasons recently.

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Going by the picture, it’s clear the engine has changed significantly: the clutch cover is now smooth, slimmer and positioned slightly differently; the footrest hangers are different (although may be due to racing parts) and the frame seems slightly different, too.

If this is a new MSX 125, as expected, we can also expect the changes to be carried through to its retro bike brother – the Monkey 125 – although this may not happen until 2022.