Bike of the week | Kawasaki ZZR1400

This week’s trawl of the Visordown Market place has bagged one of the cheapest ways to go extremely fast

Bike of the week | Kawasaki ZZR1400

WHEN IT COMES TO FAST, you can’t deny Kawasaki has form. The GPZ900R, ZX-10 Tomcat, ZX-11, ZX-12R were all lauded as the fastest of their generation.

And then came the mighty ZZR1400, when fast became comfy, reliable and suitable to two-person touring. Not only that but I think it looks pretty cool too, kinda’ like one of the bad robots out of the Matrix movie!

So, this example might not be the tidiest machine out there but that’s not why I’ve picked it. I’ve picked it because you’d be hard pushed to find a better, faster, comfier and honest tourer for the winter months.

With a few scrapes on the swingarm and flaking paint on the casings, it’d be a good idea to apply a liberal coat of XCP if you’re planning on riding through the winter, but for a gnat’s nadger under £4k what do you expect?

It’s got a Givi box/Kappa rack and even has a 12v socket, so you can fire up the heated clothing for added cosiness!

With 34k on the clock, it’s not what you’d call low mileage but the big ZZR is a fairly reliable bike and is supplied with all three keys, including the red, master key.

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