Aprilia Tuono 660 officially revealed: Full specs, pics and details

One of the most talked-about motorcycles of 2020 has just gained a sibling, as the Aprilia Tuono 660 is officially revealed

Aprilia Tuono 660

IF you are looking for the most talked about and highly anticipated all-new models of 2020, the Aprilia RS660 is probably top of the list. Its mixture of decent-spec hardware, lots of software, and a real-worldly usable 95bhp make it a winner on paper.

Aprilia RS660 video review

NEW Aprilia RS 660 Review [2020] | What an Engine Sound! | Aprilia Launch 2020 | Visordown.com

And it was a winner on the road too, with the riding launch in northern Italy proving that you really don’t 200+ bhp to have a ball on a mountain road – although that is fun too!

And as is the way, when you have a successful sports bike, Aprilia is not allowing the RS660 to grow up as an only child, as the Tuono 660 swaggers into 2021 looking every bit as good as the RS660. I spoke to Aprilia’s engineers on the launch of the RS about the model, and they confirmed that much of the development of the Tuono was done at the same time as its faired sibling. Had it not been for a global pandemic, these two bikes could well have broken cover at the very same time.

Aprilia Tuono features and specs

As you’d expect, the Tuono is true to the family tree and features a reduced frontal fairing, yoke mounted ‘Renthal’ style handlebars, and a useable pillion seat. From there it’s a familiar story, 183kg ready to ride, 95bhp with an A2 variant available. It also just as dripping with tech as the RS660 meaning owners will have multi-level traction control, anti-wheelie control, cruise control, engine brake, and selectable engine maps, also joined by an advanced cornering ABS system. Three road and two ‘track’ riding modes are also available. The bike will also come with the Aprilia quickshifter for clutch-less shifts up and down the ‘box.

Tuono 660 will be available in three colour scheme variations: Concept Black, Iridium Grey, and the brand new, and certainly eye-catching Acid Gold as already seen on the RS 660.

Aprilia Tuono 660 UK price

Pricing for the new bike has just been confirmed by Aprilia UK £9,700. That makes the svelte naked £450 cheaper than its faired sibling.

To check out the new Aprilia Tuono in more detail, get yourself over to Aprilia.com. At the time of writing the bike is not on the website but I’m assured by Aprilia’s PR team that at some point today a page will be live on the site with all the information regarding the new model.

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