Aprilia leaning multi-wheel trike development continues

Aprilia is fleshing out its leaning multi-wheel trike idea, as new patent images show in detail its frame and suspension set up


A new leaning multi-wheel motorcycle looks set to hit the market in the not too distant future, as Aprilia firms up the details of its own full-size three-wheeler.

This isn’t the first time we’ve reported this bike, with initial patent images gracing the pages of Visordown back in September 2020. Back then it was more of an overall view of the bike that was revealed, showing an overhead view of the bike, with its seat, bodywork and front fairing on show.

These new images, only recently published but penned in 2019, show the inner workings of the bike in much clearer detail.

The frame of the bike is a lightweight looking tubular affair, not dissimilar to that found on the Yamaha Niken leaning multi-wheel trike – although without the cast elements that carry the swing-arm and rear of the engine. Interestingly, Aprilia seems to have dug deep into its back catalogue with the frame, as it looks pretty much identical to the item found on the Mana 850 GT.

With that in mind, its safe to assume that the engine Aprilia has its eye on for this bike is the same (or similar) as that found in the now-discontinued 850. A parallel twin would likely require extensive frame remodelling, as would an inline-four.

The front end of the bike has also been revised from the original images, with a more slimmed-down appearance than before. Like the Niken from Yamaha and MP3 scooter from Piaggio, it features a parallelogram to keep the front forks in situé, although, unlike the Niken, the front hubs and forks are located on the inside of the front wheels.

How far off is the leaning multi-wheel motorcycle Aprilia?

With these patent images being reported to date back to 2019, should Aprilia still be working on the project, it’s possibly much more advanced than we can see here. But then again, Aprilia may well have ditched the idea long ago and now be focussing on different things. The Italian firm will, if indeed they are still looking to put this to market, need to get things moving. The full-sized leaning multi-wheel idea really does need some variety to really push the concept forwards. If Aprilia doesn’t strike while the iron is still lukewarm, the whole theory could disappear for good.

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