Another teaser video for 2019 Suzuki Katana

First glimpse of new GSX-S1000-based Katana in a new teaser video

FAIR PLAY to the Hamamatsu guys. They're getting their money's worth out of the new Katana. We've got another short, cryptic teaser video, that this time shows a bit of the tank of the new GSX-S1000-based machine which will be unveiled in a fortnight at the Intermot show in Cologne. (Here's the first one, below too).

We're quite excited about this. The GSX-S is a decent bike, mostly let down by the Marmite styling, so if they've got the 1980s look spot-on, it could be a cracker, and a decent foil to the likes of Kawasaki's Z900 RS - a roaring success at the moment for Team Green.

Will they take the opportunity to tweak up the GSX-S base with more power, better chassis kit and the likes? Will we see a flip-up headlight, that ultimate 1980s automotive status symbol? We've only got a couple of weeks to wait to find out...