Another new low-capacity naked: Benelli enters the fray with the BN 125

The Italian marque Benelli has launched a new 125cc naked motorcycle, called the BN 125; a relatively basic package, but well-priced.

Benelli BN 125, red, side shot.

Benelli has launched a new small-capacity naked, using the same engines as used in other models of the same size, available in a few different colours, and reasonably priced.

Benelli’s new BN 125 is the Chinese-owned Italian brand’s small capacity naked, aimed at younger, or less experienced, riders. 

The bike will use the same air-cooled, single-cylinder, 125cc four-stroke motor as the TnT 125 that was released back in 2020. From this engine, Benelli is able to extract 11 horsepower at 9,500 rpm, and 10Nm at 7,000 rpm. Its engine is also Euro5-certified, of course, and comes with electric fuel injection.

Benelli is owned by QianJiang, who are also known as QJMotor. Since QJ have links, which seem to be intensifying, with KTM, it is perhaps no surprise that the BN 125 features a steel trellis frame. The BN 125 also features telescopic suspension front (110.5mm stroke) and rear (40mm stroke), and a 110/80-17 front tyre, with 130/70-17 at the rear. According to Motorrad, the front brake disc is 260mm, while at the rear it is 240mm. There is no ABS, but there is a combined braking system (CBS).

At the kerb, the BN 125 weighs 142kg, with Motorrad saying the fuel consumption of the bike should be around 1.7 litres per 100km (62 miles). A 13.5-litre fuel tank means that the range of the bike is impressive, even if the in-practice consumption numbers are lower.
The new Benelli is 2050mm long, with a 1360mm wheelbase, 190mm ground clearance and 770mm seat height. 

There are four colours available for the BN 125: Red, Black, White, and Flash Green. Only the Flash Green option does not come with the frame painted red, with the chassis being painted black in the Green scheme. 

At time of writing there are, according to Benelli’s UK website, 67 BN 125s available right now in the UK. With pricing being set at £2,699, it is fair to say there are worse deals out there, even if it is not as powerful as the same sized Suzuki GSX-S, for example.

Compared to the GSX-S125 that was updated earlier this year, the BN 125 is four horsepower down. When talking about a 200+hp superbike, five horsepower is a small percentage, which can be made up for in other areas. However, when we are talking about the difference between an 11-horsepower maximum output, and a 15-horsepower maximum output, the percentage difference is considerable. 

The power deficit compared to other 125s is not something which is necessarily fatal to the Benelli, but when it is also missing ABS, and there is nothing especially interesting going on in terms of electronics or dashboard displays or connectivity, it seems that the BN 125 will be depending quite a lot on its chassis to stand out. 

And it will have to stand out, because, compared to the Suzuki against which we have already compared it, the BN 125 is 7kg heavier. Being as heavy as it is, and as low on power as it is, it is conceivable that quite a large portion of its potential will be used navigating the city or town. When out on the more open roads, it does not seem an unfair question to ask how much it will have left to give to offer an enjoyable experience when you open it up. And, if it is not going to excel in the country, you might wonder why you should not pick up the TnT 125 - which is just as powerful as the BN, but 18kg lighter, and £300 cheaper.