2014 Yamaha XV1300A CFD

Another rebranded US-market machine

LAUNCHED a year ago in America under the ‘V-Star 1300 Deluxe’ name, the XV1300A CFD is Yamaha’s take on the bagger theme that’s currently surprisingly popular.

It’s based on the firm’s existing XVS1300A Midnight Star but gains a screen and fairing as well as hard luggage to mimic the bigger XVS1900A CFD that was launched this time last year (what do you mean you don’t remember that?!)

In case you’re wondering, CFD stands for ‘Casual Full Dress’ – which itself, of course, means absolutely nothing at all. Unless you know of a ‘formal’ bike, that is?

Given that the bike is already available as a standalone model in America, it’s surprising to note that the XVS1300A CFD will be built in dealers over here, using official parts bolted to existing-stock Midnight Stars.