250cc Triumph motocross engine detailed in latest teaser video

The second entry to the 'Vision to Reality' video series about the upcoming Triumph motocross bike has been released, this time discussing the 250cc engine.

Triumph 250cc motocross engine

The second video in the Triumph motocross series has dropped, this time switching attention from the frame to the engine.

There is a not a whole lot of information to be gleaned from the video. There is a short clip of the engine running, and - shock - it sounds like a single-cylinder 250cc four-stroke. 

The video - featuring Triumph Racing’s SuperMotocross team personnel Bobby Hewitt, Dave Arnold, Stephen Westfall, and test rider Ivan Tedesco; from Triumph's MX2 World Championship team Vincent Bereni; and Triumph ambassador Ricky Carmichael - talks about the engine’s versatility, its power range, its strong low-down torque and top-end power, the importance of the engine meshing with the chassis to provide a rideable package, and the need for that rideability to be true for both professional racers and the average consumer.

But, the video is from Triumph, so it’s hardly going to say the engine has no torque, no power, and is too peaky. 

Ricky Carmichael (Triumph ambassador) said: “This engine has its own identity and I think one of the best things about it is the way that it's designed and developed, which enables riders with a very wide range of abilities to be able to ride the bike. It's light and compact and the power delivery is great for all forms of riders.”

Ultimately, the level of the bike will only be obvious once it hits the track in competition next year. As for its accessibility for ordinary people (i.e. people who aren’t professional motocrossers), an evaluation of the bike’s positive and negative points will only be possible once those ordinary people are able to swing a leg over it.

The video ends with a teaser of what the next entry in the series will be, specifically with Carmichael himself riding the bike. That video will be released on 5 September.

This second video in the series followed two weeks after the opener, which detailed Triumph’s aluminium spine frame.

The 250cc version of Triumph’s motocross bike is set to debut in January 2024 at the opening round of the 2024 AMA Supercross 250SX West series in Anaheim.

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