Zero to stop at Ace Cafe, the Bike Shed and more in 5th Experience Electric tour

Zero is set to begin its fifth Experience Electric UK tour this summer, with 12 dates set for May including Ace Cafe and the Bike Shed.

Zero Experience Electric UK tour 2022.

Zero began running its Experience Electric tour back in 2018, and this year is set to host its fifth running of the tour. 

Experience Electric is a demo programme run by Zero, one of the leading and most prominent electric motorcycle brands, allowing people to get a taste of electric motorcycling for the first time. 

Zero says, “The free experience days are part of the global Experience Electric Tour, which is taking place in the US and other European countries. They are designed to give motorcyclists an opportunity to try out a fully-electric motorcycle in a ‘no-obligation’ environment, offering a short guided demo ride and a chance to speak with Zero’s experts and discuss all aspects of electric motorcycling.”

Zero also says that the motorcycles on offer at the events will come from across their range, including the new-for-2022 Zero SR

Dale Robinson, Zero Motorcycles’ UK Manager, said, “This will be our fifth year running a demo tour and it’s always the highlight of my year. High performance electric motorcycles like Zeros have to be experienced to be believed, and to understand what they are really about. Seeing riders getting off the bikes with a big grin on their face never gets old and it’s exactly what these events are all about.”

Robinson continued, “We’re not trying to force electric motorcycles down anyone’s throats, just giving them an opportunity to ride a truly transformational machine that’s different to anything they may have tried before. I always say ‘don’t knock it until you’ve tried it’ and the way in which even the most experienced riders come back with a smile under their helmets makes the tour so worthwhile and helps spread the word that Zeros are fun and credible motorcycles.”

If you are interested in attending one of Zero’s Experience Electric dates, you can sign up here to pre-book a morning or afternoon slot. Pre-booking will get you a free coffee mug, while the slots that are not filled from pre-booking will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis on the day. 

Below is the full list of dates for the Experience Electric UK tour.

4 MayKings Two Wheel Centre, Oxford
5 MayThe Bike Shed, London
6 MayAce Café, London
7 MayBike Stop, Stevenage
8 MayBike Stop, Stevenage
14 MayMCN Festival, Peterborough
15 MayMCN Festival, Peterborough
25 MayOakley Motorcycles, Maidstone
26 MayUrban eBikes, London
27 MaySpark Motos, Addlestone
28 MayAce Café, London
29 MayWheels Motorcycles, Peterborough
18 JuneGateshead Harley-Davidson, Gateshead
19 JuneOtterburn Mill, Otterburn
24 JuneAdventure Bike Rider Festival, Warwickshire
25 JuneAdventure Bike Rider Festival, Warwickshire
26 JuneAdventure Bike Rider Festival, Warwickshire
3 JulyMotolegends, Guildford
21 JulyMalle Mile, Bourne†
22 JulyMalle Mile, Bourne†
23 JulyMalle Mile, Bourne†
24 JulyMalle Mile, Bourne†
26 JulyJ&M Electrobikes, Swindon
27 JulyFowlers, Bristol
28 JulyStreetbike, Halesowen
17 SeptemberLoomies Cafe, Petersfield
18 SeptemberLoomies Cafe, Petersfield
19 SeptemberOn The Wheel, Portslade
20 SeptemberJ&S Accessories, Farnborough
21 SeptemberPidcocks, Nottingham
22 SeptemberJ&S Accessories, Doncaster
23 SeptemberNYA Bikes, Ossett
24 SeptemberWhateverwheels, Blackburn
25 SeptemberPonderosa Cafe, Llangollen