Is Vincent the next iconic British marque to get a major Indian-backed revival?

Bajaj Auto - the fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world - is reported to have acquired the naming rights to iconic marque Vincent Motorcycles

Vincent Black Lightning

Iconic brand Vincent Motorcycles looks set to be the next classic British marque to be resurrected with major backing from India amid talk Bajaj Auto has acquired its naming rights.

One of the highest profile marques of the 1940s and 1950s, Vincent earned its place in history with models as the Comet and Black Shadow, the latter of which was credited as the world’s fastest motorcycle capable of 125mph when it was launched in 1949.

After folding in its original guise in 1955, the Vincent name has lived on in the decades since through various forms but is best remembered for models produced just before and after World War II.

Still fondly regarded today - as represented by a pristine example of the Black Shadow fetching a mammoth $929,000 at auction in recent years - it now appears Vincent is heading for a modern-day revival financed by Bajaj Auto, based on documents seen by Indian publication Rush Lane which appears to show it has secured its trademark.

Though there has been no official word from Bajaj itself, the documents suggest the company - the fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world based on sales - is preparing a separate brand to potentially take on two more Indian-backed, British origin marques in Royal Enfield and BSA.

Indeed, there is a good business case for Bajaj to diversify into a more ‘premium’ segment via a classic nameplate given the recent global fanfare for BSA’s revival by Mahindra (aka. Classic Legends), not to mention the role TVS Motors has played in rescuing and overhauling the troubled Norton Motorcycles company.

To Bajaj’s advantage, however, is its sheer size compared with either Royal Enfield or Mahindra. Indeed, while Bajaj is one of the largest manufacturers in the world on its own, it also constructs motorcycles for KTM and Husqvarna, while is is also building a fourth factory in Pune to accommodate Triumph’s new range of ‘baby’ models, the first of which will be launched in the coming weeks.

It means Bajaj has the capacity to launch a new spin-off premium brand such as Vincent such as Royal Enfield, or the capital to invest in following Mahindra’s method of establishing a manufacturing and development base in the UK.

For now though Bajaj is remaining tight-lipped as to whether it has big plans for Vincent or has simply moved quickly to secure the rights upon availability before devising a roadmap later down the line.