Vespa valued at £900 million in new study

A study commissioned by the Piaggio Group has concluded a €1 billion valuation for the famous Italian scooter brand, Vespa

​ 2023 Vespa Gtv​

Vespa has been valued at €1 billion following a study commissioned by its parent company, Piaggio Group.

In actuality, the valuation given to the Vespa brand actually exceeds €1 billion, as the official figure is €1,079 million, which equates to around £900 million.

The study that concluded this figure was commissioned by Vespa’s parent company, Piaggio Group, and conducted by Interbrand.

“In determining Vespa brand’s financial value,” Vespa says, “Interbrand employed proven, proprietary brand valuation techniques, incorporating financial analysis with primary and quantitative data collected through a global market research, conducted across Vespa’s 10x key markets (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, USA, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and India).”

The study found that Vespa’s recent partnerships with global brands such as Disney Pixar and its film Luca, and Dior, as well as the special Mickey Mouse edition Primavera, have helped to solidify Vespa’s position as a global icon - “The report confirms that Vespa is globally perceived [as] more than just a scooter,” Vespa says. 

Manfredi Ricca, Interbrand’s Global Chief Strategy Officer, said: “The term 'iconic' is often overused, but there’s really no other way to define this brand.

“Vespa is a heritage brand, and yet it is constantly evolving; it’s quintessentially Italian, and yet globally loved; it’s premium, and yet inclusive. Our valuation work doesn’t only set into numbers the success of this desired and demanded brand - it also shows how Vespa can signify freedom and joie-de-vivre well beyond the boundaries of mobility, and into new arenas. The calibre and the success of the brand’s partnerships speak for themselves.”

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