UK-based scooter manufacturer secures two European patents

Zapp has secured two patents from the European Patent Office for its i300 scooter, relating to the scooter's frame and front mudguard.

Zapp i300

The UK-based electric scooter manufacturer Zapp has secured two European patents for its i300 scooter.

Specifically, Zapp has secured the European patents EP4058343 ( for 'A seat-supporting structure for mounting on a motorcycle frame') and EP4051563 (for 'Front fairing for a scooter') for its i300 electric scooter.

The patents relate to the Zapp i300’s Z-shaped ‘exoskeleton’ frame, which is made from recycled materials, and its removable front mudguard which allows owners to personalise their i300 after purchase with different coloured components.

Swin Chatsuwan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zapp, said: "The notification of not one but two European patents is enormously gratifying for Zapp and proves the innovative nature of the technology and design underpinning the brand's i300 electric urban motorcycle. Our exoskeleton transforms two-wheeled chassis technology and is key to endowing the zero-emission i300 with the convenience of a step-though scooter and the dynamic performance of a larger motorcycle.

"Zapp's patented removable front fenders will also revolutionise the two-wheeled vehicle category by offering customers a range of colourway personalisation options previously the exclusive domain of the supercar and hypercar sectors. The exoskeleton and the removable front fender are pivotal to Zapp's determination to transform the two-wheeler segment with superbly designed, technically advanced, zero-emission, fun-to-ride products. However, these are just two of more than sixty novel technical aspects of the i300, which will further amplify the product's considerable customer appeal as we move towards first deliveries commencing later this year."

Pre-orders for the Zapp i300 Carbon are open now on the Zapp website.

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