Theory test changes means more locations and a new booking system

Starting on the 6th of September there will be more theory test centres in the UK & Northern Ireland, and next week a new booking system will be launched.

Theory test changes means more locations and a new booking system

BOOKING your theory test has just got a little bit easier, potentially. Starting from the 6th of September, the DVSA has announced that the number of theory test centres will increase from 180 to 202, and from the 19th of July a new booking system will be launched. 

This is in response to reports that learner drives were facing excruciatingly long waiting times to get their theory test sorted to get on the roads - whether on two wheels or four. 

Despite more theory test centres on the horizon, many centres are moving locations - so some candidates may in fact face longer travel times to their test. 

Here are the locations of the new theory test centres:

It’s also noted that more tests will be available from the 6th of September onwards - so if you’re facing a long wait for your theory, check again and you could find a slot. 

The theory test itself remains the same, and the content has not been altered.

Although additional resources are being poured into new centres, the press release also makes clear that there will be no changes to practical test bookings - despite the fact that there is a huge backlog of practical tests, with tests on hold for much of lockdown.

More learners with theory certificates in hand will only increase demand for the practical tests, so hopefully more can be arranged somehow. Maybe a Singapore style robot-guided test would be an idea? (I’m half joking).

If you’re looking to book your test (or check availability in the centre closest to you) check the booking system.

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