Soriano Motori to start accepting cryptocurrencies

The electric motorcycle manufacturer becomes the first globally recognised brand to begin accepting payment in cryptocurrency

Soriano Motori electric naked motorcycle

ITALIAN motorcycle manufacturer Soriano Motori has become the first company to begin accepting cryptocurrencies as payment.

The firm accepts a wide range of digital currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BTC Cash, LiteCash or LiteCoin (LTC), all of which can be used to purchase any of the brand’s new motorcycles.

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The founder of the company, M. Soriano, is also an experienced investor in cryptocurrencies. Speaking about the news he said:

“All our clients will be able to benefit from the great advantages that cryptocurrencies offer. Thanks to digital currencies such as Bitcoin, we can carry out international transactions without commissions or without attending to exchange rate fluctuations, among others,”

Soriano Motori joins companies like Tesla and BMW in accepting the new form of online currency, although Soriano Motori becomes the first manufacturer of motorcycles to accept cryptocurrency payment worldwide. To facilitate payments, Soriano Motori's website and eCommerce store is integrated with the Coinbase trading platform and an advanced blockchain system for added security.

The three electric models designed by the Italian brand can now be reserved in an exclusive edition of 100 units at The V1-R has a power of 58 KW, the V1-S with 58 KW and the V1-Gara with 62 KW and they have a starting price of € 25,500, € 30,500, and € 32,500, respectively.

At the current exchange rate for BTC, the most widely used digital currency today, users could purchase any of the models for a little more than 2 BTC. The customer will always pay the amount according to the value set by the market at the time of purchase. In addition to cryptocurrencies, the firm accepts euros, dollars, and sterling.